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Lord, are we safe?

Dear Father:

Huh, the one that happening here now, I don’t know what to say oo. Just the other day they say one big man went for boat ride with his friends and he felt off the boat, just to find his body the next day. Can you imagine this Father?

And as we were all trying to mourn the loss of this fine man who has come to our village to do money business here, then the bomb shell was dropped-one of our own big man was found lifeless lying on the beach. The thing has gotten most of us afraid, especially those of us with our big, big mouth.

Can you imagine Father, somebody going to a place to relax his mind or whatever just to be found the next day lifeless lying on a beach? My son, they say what really happened? Father, to tell you the truth, everyone in this village is still trying to find out what really happened to this former Oil Man, because nobody up to this point knows what really happened.

All we know for now is that he left his house and went to one of Uncle Sam’s son hotel on that Friday afternoon: bought two scoops of ice screams and later went beach walking and back. We know there were one or two persons who saw him last but from what we are hearing it is scarring-I mean the way they say his body was disfigured says a lot.

Just few months back it was all little children and ritualistic killing business but now the big, big people are now being victimized too speaks a lot. The other day I heard some group of guys saying this time they will not go on the beach or near water. But Father it is not about going on beach or near water. It is about how wicked our village has become. We are all Central Intelligent Agents or CIA for ourselves these days because the friend you knew yesterday could be the one to take you on today.

I remembered when i may up my mind to return to our village after years of exile, my aunt said to me nephew, when you go back to our village all those you knew as your friend are no longer your friends.

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I asked her at the time what she meant, and she said because they have all changed and have things they have engaged into. She said you don’t know them like the way you knew them before. She

aid if an elderly lady steps on you, don’t complain be the one to tell her sorry, because if you do complain, she is actually going to cheek you up.

Our village today reflects exactly that. The wickedness and insensitivity is too much. Now we are just like Liverpool-Never walk alone. But with all that you have said, my son what your big, big people doing about all this insecurity stuff? Father, I wish I had an idea, but I don’t. For all I know now is the same old talk, and talk. Only papa God we are depending on in this village right now because nothing seen to be straight right now, the hardship has increased beyond measure, insecurity has become a matter of serious concern more than ever before.

My advise-never walk alone. Don’t go places to meet people where you are not comfortable or sure of your security.

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