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Lord, did I hear “your send that man back?”

Dear Father:

Hahaha ooh, hahaha, they say small children can run but they can’t hide for true ya. Hahaha, umm, monkey thought he was a man till a fine shot brought him down. What are you talking about my son and you are using all these parables?

Oh, Father you haven’t heard the news about a certain chief who Uncle Sam just deported these few days. They say your man went and collected some lay thing from Dabo to kick out that alleged Criminal Paramount Chief whose whereabouts is unknown as we speak.

They say after the man collected his share of the lay thing from Dabo, he decided to act like a master dribbler, as he attempted to give the Old-ma wah-way by running to Uncle Sam’s village to sit there why his colleagues struggle to get the required number that was needed to remove that alleged criminal.

They say it was one flimsy Brown Clothe man that saw our man at the airport on that day and called Dabo, to inform her that the man was absconding and that there are reports that his signature is still not on the paper.

So they say Dabo just took the phone and call: “So… where are you?” They say the chief stuttered for a while, and then Dabo followed up with another question: “have you signed?”

They say from the way our man voice was groaning, Dabo, knew straight the chief was out for mischief. So she just made one phone call to Uncle Sam and said one of the chiefs from my village is coming over there and from what I see he’s trying to run away-he’s a traitor. So you people know what to do.

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They say that’s how Uncle Sam’s people jerked our man phone and started checking just to make it look like it was because of his inconsistency and the text message from the Footballer to which he lied, they sent him back for, not knowing Dabo had just made one phone call.

Bob Marley says, you can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. He thinks the way he fooled the people in his district to elect him is the same style he was going to use on Dabo, not knowing Dabo self da old con.

My son, I wonder this chief na having ears to listen. Haven’t he heard the song “kanyon pepper” and the “Oldma will give them wah-way. Father, it’s so interesting how these children of today think they are smarter than the older generation of yesterday. I really don’t know what Ja’Rule was thinking that he could give the Old-ma wah-way like that. I wonder he doesn’t know that the Old ma can sometimes behave like the long nose mice in the house that can be biting you at the same time and blowing the place so you can’t feel the pain until it is done with your feet?

Can you imagine this Father; is that the kind of person our man thinks he can outsmart like that? My son did he forget to ask the alleged criminally indicted paramount Chief or the former Oil man and other people before them who thought they could just outsmart Dabo like that?

You know, sometimes, these Chiefs and some of the political babies in our village tend to forget that this Old Lady is the “Last Don” of this village. And there is absolutely nowhere here that she can’t penetrate to get what she wants-she’s the Last Don. Once you kiss that hand, you must comply.

Is that so my son? Yes, Father, how can you kiss the hand of the Last Don and want to turn against the Don like that, you must be joking. The day you kiss that hand and turn against the Don is the beginning of the end of your rise. You must fall and disgracefully too. Father if you think I am lying go and ask that chief Uncle Sam just bundled back home with his innocent kids or that alleged criminally indicted Paramount chief who siren now has a new rhythm –rogue, rogue, rogue everywhere he passes these days-My advice, don’t mess with the “Last Don”.

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