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Lord, Ebola putting funeral homes out of business too?

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Dear Father:

Um, this Ebola sickness here really affecting everybody and leaving no business untouched oo.

What do you mean my son?

Father, can you imagine all the dead bodies the people are talking about littering the streets in our village, the funeral homes are all empty?

The other day my friends went to one of the big funeral homes in our village to pick up a body, which our village big people in front of the Ebola had rejected saying that na Ebola killed the woman, they saw only their body there. No other dead body was inside the big funeral home that used to put about 100 bodies out every weekend.

You joking my son.

Father, this one that na joking business oo. This time, everybody is afraid to even announced the death news of a relative or a love one  because of fear that the people will say that Ebola kill the person. So since nobody wants to be locked out with their entire family because of one dead body, the people are now quietly burying their dead or simply throwing it on the streets in the night.

You heard about the one that took place the other day at that Bridge community in our village?

Yes, my son.

Um huh, it was the same thing. The poor woman had died, maybe that different thing killed her, but the family was afraid that should they start mourning and calling family meetings, the neighbors will be asking questions. And since they did not want to call our big Ebola people for the same fear I told you about earlier they decided to sneak the dead body out in the night to go and bury behind one tyre shop but when the tyre boys saw it alarm blew.

But wait ya my son, you can’t bury your dead body in your back yard that my grave yard you want to bury it? If it is not in your back yard, it is not in my grave yard either.

No, let talk so and talk so Father, the Ebola too is saving plenty people from expenses oo. You know this dead body money business for funeral and all of that, people have to be charged to pay certain amounts, Ebola time you can simply slip it on the street and have memorial service later.

The thing is who will come call dead body meeting, especially at this time where all the places they can carry sick people for treatment are closed and everybody who is dying now is an Ebola suspect.

So by the time the somebody dies, some family members will say, you people gat to hide that thing oo, before they come lock all of us up here for 21 days.. And so, because of this they will hide the dead body and quietly  bury it in the night or leave it on the streets.

But come to think of this Father, I feel for the Funeral homes, I know they are actually running out of business just like the war days.

My son, don’t you think it is also in their best interest too, because who knows what type of body would be carried at their home?

Its, so true Father, we all never know what kind of dead body it is. Anyway let keep the rules and be saved.


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