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Lord, is this man and others like him part of the pro poor agenda?

Dear Father:
You know, the other day a friend told me that people will judge you by your actions and not what you have written down as your belief or plan of actions. My friend said there are times your actions or inactions will show exactly what you stand for-Hmm, that was some food for thought though.

And in a way Father, I tend to believe this because many at times people say one thing but in reality do something totally different from what they have professed as law and gospel.

This brings me to the point. You know, just the other day I visited the Traditional Council, something I would normally not do so easily but I did. What I noticed was totally contradicting to our village new trumpeted song-the pro-poor.

Can you imagine Father that the vehicle of our Paramount Chief at the lower end of Traditional Council beats for over 8 hours every day as long as he is in office or God knows where else. And then at the other side of the end of the Traditional Council, the Footballer’s deputy vehicle engine is cut off and quietly parked.
Now imagine, if this Paramount Chief continues to use his vehicle like this, can you imagine what the consumption of gasoline alone will be for his vehicle? But he supposed to be one of the key drivers of the pro-poor agenda though.

Now, how can you tell people that you are for the poor and yet live a life style like of a bourgeoisie? Even the escort vehicles of the Footballer are never on like that. I am not too sure the Footballer who by all standards should keep his escape vehicle and his main vehicle beating does that.

No wonder it is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now imagine how much could have been saved from such a waste of gasoline funded by the poor tax payers who cannot even afford transportations at times to get to work.

But more than that, the number two to the Footballer is just next door and if you have forgotten follow her example as to how she manages her fleet and gasoline-no big show.

But Father, the Paramount Chief is not alone in this though-event some of the Footballer’s kitchen cabinet members are also guilty of this. Just go to the Footballer’s displaced camp and you will soon observe what I am talking about.

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Yes, just the other day they claimed they were putting in place what the book people called austerity measures to cut down spending on the people salary them, but on the wasteful usage of gasoline which comes at huge cost they have not said fehn.

Come to think of it, I think my friend made a lot of sense. Actions indeed speak louder than just mere words. When you say you are for the poor people and yet behave like a king over them by living a lavish lifestyle, then your words are nothing but noise.

It is very easy to deceive people and get away with the deceit and you think that is okay, but when you live in self-deceit it is the worst form of any deceit. It means you are a fake. You are not who you say you are and it makes you worse than an infidel.

Why project a kind of value that you don’t subscribe to. Why live a wealthy lifestyle and proclaim an agenda full of rhetoric. You don’t believe in something say it for crying out loud. Don’t profess and your actions prove otherwise.

One Chief from the Upper End of the Traditional Council told me the other day that we are pro-poor in the day but pro-rich in the night. Who are you deceiving-the people or yourself?

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