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Lord, let him beware of his predecessor’s errors

Dear Father:
Hmmm, the good old Book says there is nothing new under this sun that no man has ever experience before. It says there is nothing new. If you want to be a driver, somebody has been a driver before or is a driver.

Ask the old drivers around, you will learn two things: either how they failed or how they became successful in plying their trade. There you will learn from their errors. But haven listened to their stories and yet, you choose to walk down the same path of error, your end will be worse than them.

Um, my son what kind of sermon you na start so today again?
Father, it’s not a sermon, it’s a warning to the Footballer. I hope all these are lies and it is not truth. We are hearing some names that he is bringing to work in our village. Most of those people Father are his friends. And the last time I checked for the past 12 years, people in his camp and outside his camp have been insulting the Old Lady for putting so, so friends in our village leadership and at the end it was difficult at some point to discipline them.

Now, with everybody thinking that he would have done well, the Footballer, we understand is bringing hustlers from Uncle Sam’s village some of whom cannot currently pay their car notes there or have no experience or whatsoever for the kind of positions he has lined up for then.

Is he bringing people to start learning on the job? Is that why they were screaming all around here for to incorporate novices and incompetent people?

I wonder he has ever read the pages of the town criers in our village for the past 12 years. Anyway the white man says if you want to hide something from the black man put it in a book or generally in writing because they will never read it.

So maybe all those years he did not read what the town criers wrote and I doubt he will even read this letter Father.

It is Like Caesar, who failed to listen to the soothsayer’s warning: “beware of the ides of March”. It was the 15 day of March one of the Romans holidays then. A day that his enemies had plotted to kill him including his best friend Brutus.

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This is why I love to read the 48 laws of power. Robert Greene says in Law Two: Never put too Much Trust in Friends. He says you should learn how to use Enemies.

“Be wary of friends-they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.”-Robert Greene.

Yes, trust me Father, it is very comfortable to surround yourself with friends, but those friends gat nothing to prove to deserve your trust. For them they already have you. You all speak the same language, hangout at the same places, but for your enemies, they gat a lot to prove-because they are aware that you can cut them off at any time.

So, Mr. Footballer, beware that whatever errors you are running into, you still have the opportunity to correct them. Seek the relevant advice and do what it right. This is our village don’t turn it to a friendship club like your predecessors or you may end up worse off than them.

There are too many toxic people you are surrounding yourself with and bringing in to our village leadership, you have the opportunity, don’t blow it.

But my son, will he ever read this?
Father, I forgot, he is black man. They never love to read but love to be told stories; I hope someone will tell him the story.

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