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Lord, let the Old Man beware of the ides of October 2017

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Dear Father:

Hmm, so they say the Old Man morale not easy in his own village ehn? They say it was not easy that day-you could see the old ma them spreading their lappas and old papy them with their walking sticks forcing their ways through to pledge their loyalty, while the children sang as the birds in the trees followed the crowd, repeating the chorus.

I am told most of the prominent sons and daughters from that town who reside in other towns within our village all converged there to show their support.

Yes, ooh my son, they say it was not easy.

I can imagine that Father. And you know, since the days of our bone smoking leader, the people of that village has never had such a festive experience for decades.

They say it is their tradition though, that once their Uncle has decided to show his face for the highest job in our land, they will support him. They don’t care whether he is a sleeping giant, or he carries the mark of some say failures from the current regime or not, all they know they must support him because he is from their village. Is it not dishonesty at the highest level?

And they say you could see the Old Man thirty -two teeth in the air and in his mind’s eyes it was the beginning of a dream come through.

Is that so my son?

Trust me Father, this Old Man thinks just by his kinsmen gathering together in an old time fashion to relive the days of one failed bone smoking leader is a clear indication that they love him and are going to be with him to the end.

He should go and asked the Old Lady’s son, or better still the big man for their club let them tell him what it is like nowadays.

My son, has he forgotten so soon, Isn’t he aware of the ides of October 2017 or the most recent past the ides of December 2014, where the Old Lady’s son almost drank rat poison because of similar showing from the start?

Father, leave him. Already the big man from their club has started having a second thought, because like the Old Lady’s son who almost drank rat poison, after the ides of December 2014, he was hospitalized and took several drips after the ides of October 2005, a frustration that led him to support the Footballer.

So, you mean he knows from whence he was talking-I mean their club big man na?

Oh yes, Father, trust me he knows. And you remember the kind of crowd that this man pulled at the time Yule Blunder was heading our village for a temporary period.

Ehn they say Yule Blunder that was his cousin and that Blunder wanted him to succeed him?

Father, that the people in this village you will listen to? It’s true that the two were friends. But Yule Blunder may his soul rest in peace, was no relative to this man. Even though people like to cook palm butter – cassava leaves mix, but for these two, there was no way that they were related accept by greed and mutual interests.

But anyway, he out of frustration had to spend some time at the hospital taking drips for several days.

So, let that Old Man be there and think he is going anywhere. He better start saving his nickel, nickel them to go make big farm in his village and help his people after the next two years before he come end up getting cardio arrest after the ides of October 2017.

We are not ready to lose anybody here after the ides of October 2017. Already, we get a group of cut neck chicken we have to deal with afterward- depending on which way the villagers will go than to be thinking of rushing one Old Man to an emergency room for cardio treatment. My advise-Papy as we will say, yor people na like you ya, they are trying to fool you, don’t listen to them go your way and enjoy your money earned in 12 years.

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