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Lord, Let Them Talk, They Haven’t Seen Anything Yet – 3.

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You better leave that Zoe, he doesn’t leave things so easily, he love life time battle. Yes, people who are afraid of him are those who have more dirt and want to protect their jobs or whatsoever.

Dear Father,

You know, I love watching movies, especially American thrillers. They have so many lessons to teach life. Oh, yes, they do Father, and one of such movies is “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” starring Brad Pitt and Angeline Julie, two interesting characters.

Father, in this movie, both met by coincident on separate assassination missions in… is it Cambodia, Columbia or so, fell in love and married one week after without knowing each other very well and most dangerously too, without knowing that they both work for the same agency. Hey, but little did they know that it was the same agency anyway, they understood it to be competing agencies.

Hell broke loose when the bureau found out that they were both married and fell that it was not in the interest of the agency. So they decided to send them on one assassination mission using a bait, mission went bad and both tried to dig, just to discovered  that they both were assassins working for competing agencies.

The long and short was that they had to reach to this point to really know each other and just to discover later that what they had known about each other in the past were all based on lies and deceits. Unfortunate, isn’t it.

Why are you talking movie? Father, life they say is the teacher of great lessons; you don’t need to reinvent any wheel here. I hate to use this famous cliché “If I had known.”  Instead, I love to use this phrase “Now that I know.” The reason is simple, you can’t change it, but you can learn from it; there is nothing on this planet or in our village that has not been experienced by people before us.

All  that has been or yet to be experienced by an individual has been experienced by somebody before, and it is each and every one of us responsibility to learn from those who came before us, look at their lives and see where they  ended up-this for me defines the saying that “life is a lesson.”

Why are you saying all of this, why can’t you get to the point? Father, remember when I joined the Society, little did I know the Chief Zoe and his Priestess, from a distance they appeared so sweet and harmless, Deities with good intent, but worse off than the devil from the pit of hell from experience. No wonder cursed they are for life.

A friend walked up to me once and said you should have asked before joining that society, at least we would have told you much of the chief Zoe.” No, it was just better to have had this experience,” I said, ‘not going through this would have been a weakness on my part an experience loss, leaving a frail defense for me.”

Now, I know that in the mind of the Chief Zoe and his Priestess are worth of evil far from modern day homo-sapien, their mind sets are just backward.

Can you imagine Father, that the Zoe has loss his mere sense of reasoning and is going clinically insane, to the point that some little tribesmen would tell him that I took my first fruit to the Society Bush for unveiling and he believes in them and dished out Uncle Sam’s money 3000 to install close-circuit security cameras to catch me, makes me sick, and full of regret, I just hope those tribesmen have not done something to his mind.

I thought the Zoe was wiser than that, but they say age is something else, maybe those tribesmen maybe using charms on him. So I can understand. Those little tribesmen whose nature it is to undermine their fellow man as the only way of making it to the top will lead him to his early grave sooner or little. Because I have never seen a Zoe who believes in lies and gossips. I thought the job of a town crier is to go beyond but it seems like he can believe anything. That he will spent 3000 of Uncle Sam’s money because of some lies some little greedy tribesmen told him speaks a lot.

But I gat news for him Father, have you watched this movie, “Enemy of the State,” another American Movie, starring Will Smith. There is a dialogue in that movie I love so much, when Will, an Attorney was pushed far too long by some state officials who felt they could do anything because of some little public power, he had to do something and this is what Brill, (not his real name) told him in that dialogue: “When you are being hunting by a big person or so, it means you are hidden and they are exposed, which means that if you try to use their own methods against them, they have more to lose than you.

The Zoe, for the past months have been meeting with people to discuss how I have gotten to where I am and how to bring me down; His attempt to encourage a certain group to demonstrate against the establishment of my lay time fail, he went as far as blackmailing some higher ups.  His campaign to encourage other big town criers to shun me succeeded with just few, who thinks he is a kind of demi god; His attempt now to destroy me in person as he has been telling his praise singers around the village is just one thing I am awaiting. I have alerted security agencies and family members about this one. The guy just think he can get his way with anything but he is greatly mistaking this time around.

What he has forgotten is that, he is older and I am younger, which means he has done more dirt than me. And I have more dirt on him than he has on me. I have received files from all over the place including secret confessions of atrocities that I can put on my website, share with friends on their blogs and some major partners that will f..k him up for life. His politics is a politics of old and so are his so-called experienced tactics and contacts.

You better leave that Zoe, he doesn’t leave things so easily, he love life time battle. Yes, people who are afraid of him are those who have more dirt and want to protect their jobs or whatsoever.  Old soldier or not, let him unleashed his foot soldiers and let see who is a true son of this village. I have told them to leave me alone, he has not called yet. He still gat more calling to do and if he f—up, I am prepared to die fighting this battle.

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