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Lord, The Chiefs Are Demanding Respect Oo

Dear Father:

You know, the other day I was listening to one of our village town crier sations and I heard two of our chiefs  from the Traditional Council complaining about the growing disrespect being displayed against them by the villagers.

Tell me something my son!

Oh yes, Father. The chiefs said their subjects were no longer showing them any respect. In fact, in some parts of the village, the villagers have not only booed them, but have also chanted rogue, rogue at them.

You mean the people have gone that far my son?

But Father, what  do you expect when the people are hungry and all they see is their chiefs, some of whom are still squarting in single rooms around here are living lives beyond their wildest immaginations. And you know, when the leaders become self-centered and forget the plights of the people, the people would regard such leaders as burden to the village and therefore such a leader or leaders would command no respect-except from sychophants.

And you know even in the homes, where the father usually comes home drunk and brook, he losses respect from his own kids. How much more hustling men and women that have been empowered by the villagers?

Are you saying  the leaders in your village have become so heartless that the villagers see them all as people who do not  deserve their respects?

Father can you imagine, at the time where the people working in the village administration are asking for just a little increase in their lay thing, the chiefs give a host of excuses. But when it comes to them, then they are in a hurry to sex up their lenthy benefits and as a result you would see the village cake driving more toward salaries and benefits, with less for things needed by the villagers.

Father, and for the most part, while majority of the villagers struggle to buy candles or pekin man light to see the way to their miserable beds, many on empty stomach too, these chiefs ride around in luxuries, many of them with their little girl friends violating motor traffic rules and calling for the blood of the Blue Uniform Chief.

So tell me something, in this kind of situation, when the chiefs and leaders are so heartless to their people, do they expect respects in return?

Is that so my son?

Yes, Father, this is exactly what is happening in our village today. They expect the hungry people to put their theeth on nursey whenever they are around. You know, our old people get a parable that says it is very difficult to tell the pain of a long teeth man, because when he is dying people would just think he is smiling. So is the situation with us in our village here today.

But you know what Father, they just start complaining becuase as long as they refuse to focus on serving the people rather than, temselves, the more the anger against them will grow. Most of the people are too heartless Father.

But this respect thing is it earned or demanded?

Father, that the whole thing there, if they are not doing the things that would attract some respects around here I don’t know how they want the people to repsect them-just as friendship is by choice, friendship is also both ways. It is earned.

So, my advice to them is that as long as they refuse to do things that command respect, they can never earn their repsects.

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