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Lord, they are all the same 6 & 7

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Dear Father:

Hmm, you know, there is a common saying among the daughters of Eve in my village, when it comes to their discussions surrounding the sons of Adam- I mean the way they would compare them.

They would usually advise their friends saying when you are comparing your partner with another person’s partner, just say “my husband or boyfriend is fine pass yor own or taller than your man etc because men are all the same. It is only the shape and sizes that make them different.

Um, tell me about it.

Yes oo, Father, the daughters of Eve in my village have since settled with that one in their minds. So they don’t go out looking for perfect guys anymore. Some nowadays are just looking for the sons of Adam with minimum risk, which is respect.

But to say, they are seeking after perfect gentlemen not in our village anymore-it has been a foregone conclusion in their heads that all men are the same no matter how decorated they come.

Okay my son, come out of the closet and tell me exactly what’s going on.

Nothing pretty much except for the noise we are hearing around here every day. One morning you wake-up you hear that some group of people coming together to form an umbrella party or a farmers union. Funny enough, they are all the same Tom and Jerry-no different.

There were people who made a whole lot of noise in this village for 12 good years, where are they today-none sense!

Instead of learning from the mistakes of the Old Lady who also made so many after failing to learn from the ones before her and the list goes on and on, they are here during stuffs unimaginable.

And don’t even think you can take comfort in those ones parading around here or on face to face sittingsomewhere in Uncle Sam’s village acting like one messiah, they might even be the worst criminal on the scene especially with the kind of tinted records some of them already have in this village.

Father, don’t py attention to any of them, they are all the same using different styles or techniques to come and siphon our village money just like these ones are doing now.

The only difference is they will come in many shapes and sizes or speeches to cajole the people of our village.

Somebody for 12 good years ran around here like cut neck chicken just to come and behave as if they were living on another planet.

Da the one will make me to be jumping around here for another group of hustlers who only aim is to come and milk our village.

The daughters of Eve in our village have seen a lot and they have a lot that we can learn from. It’s unfortunate that in this case many of the people in our village I don’t know what is wrong with them-either they are just incredibly gullible or they just don’t care.

If only we could listen to the vibes of the daughters of Eve in this village we could save ourselves a lot of troubles. It’s like the Good Old Book says: “Go to the ants you sluggards, and learn from them-though they have no leader, but they gather their food doing the dry season and congregate during the rainy season. But we sons of Adams and people of this village have failed to learn from our women.

Anyway Father, how can you blame them, when all they are moved by are the creativity of conned artists on our political scene, some acting like Robinhood and yet you have bunch of foolish people all over the place-bunch of sycophants.So yes, the daughters of Eve in my village are right- they are all the same 6&7.

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