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Lord, They Say will really kill us oh

Dear Father:

You know, it is often said that if you have a problem and do not accept that you have a problem, there is no way that people are going to help you- no matter what. The thing is you must first realize that you have a problem. In so doing, people will recognize that problem and come to your aid.

What is going on here my son?

Father, is not these people in our village who have persistently refused to grow out of their mediocre and arrogant ways?  They would choose to thrive on gossips and they says rather than the truth.

Is that so my son?

Yes, Father. When people refuse to learn, but choose to spread lies through their teeth, they end up putting the rest of the entire village in danger. No wonder the Good Old Book says for the lack of knowledge my people perish.

Na wa oo, my son, something must really be making you angry for you to be speaking all these big, big book.

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So true Father. I am even more than vex self.

But  you need to slow down and tell me what you really want to say before the men in white suit come for you.

Ok, Father. Actually you see, it hurts me for some of our village people to behave the way they usually do as if they don’t have a head on their shoulders.

What have they done again?

You see the other day when Uncle Sam’s soldier people arrived, our village number one and only messenger called “They Say”, I don’t know whether he is the only knowledgeable person in this village or what but the bulk of our illiterate people tend to believe him- I don’t know whether it is him or she, but to the point that even some of the so-called book people are even carried away.

Can you imagine the first news that started going around was people quoting “They Say” saying that Uncle Sam people were going around testing people who were already sick with this big sickness  in some of the treatment centers and the result was that the people who were there most of them were not Ebola patients?

Tell me something my son?

Yes, Father, they had the guts to be going around telling people how they say that different sickness was killing our people but that was not Ebola.

Now, is this upright stupidity, not something to make anybody vex. The same way they went around quoting they say dat our people were lying about Ebola and that no sickness was in a town called Ebola and that it was only the figment of imagination on the minds of our leaders to chop donor money.

So you can really see that we as a people have a fundamental  problem and until we can desist from lying to truth telling we are doomed for destruction. It appears to me that we are the only people on this planet who don’t like ourselves and therefore all the negative things we say it to ourselves.

Sometimes, you know, I want to blame it on illiteracy but it is not so. The reason is simple Father-the illiterate people like my late grandmother are culturally schooled enough to know what is best for them. It is the half baked, educated people and the various school levels dropped outs that are causing the problems for us.

These half baked educated dropped out people continue to be our problems in this village-They take the untruth and market it so well till even our village six years old can buy into it. They have a fundamental problem which is tantamount to mental illness period.

Yes, Father, because for you to see people dying on  a daily basis from a particular sickness and turn around  just to tell people that the people who can say that different sickness killing people and not Ebola-your brain must be fundamentally retarded.

No wonder a cabbie thinks it is ok with that an Ebola patient to a treatment center or a motor bike rider sees nothing wrong making a fortune by ferrying  these critically sick people to treatment centers.


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