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Lord, were we really prepared or we were impressing as usual?

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Dear Father:

Hmm, you know, for some time now our ears have been buzzing with the news about this big new sickness that is catching everybody around our global village.

By the very name Corona, which sounds like the name of a female, one would think it would have been soft with people. But no, it is deadly in disguise and this has prompted everyone everywhere to prepare for her arrival in every village.

So, our village has been no exception-at least when you think of the way our people have been blowing this in our ears and beating their chests that they were more than prepared. In fact, some even went on further to boast that if they could deal with the girl’s cousin-Ebola, who is she that they can’t subdue.

Well, the young lady has shown her face. In fact, she was brought into the village by one of our big men who went to visit a foreign neighbor where she is causing havoc.

Father, I don’t want to tell you about the he says, she says that surround this man coming into our village with this destructive girl-no that is not my point of interest right now.

Father, my main concern here right now, is whether we were actually prepared for this girl’s arrival when we said we were or we were just making empty noise as we are known to be -talk more and do little or nothing.

Come to think of it Father, preparations involves a lot of things and not just finding a house or place to keep people, it also includes treatment yes.

One of the greatest motivational speakers from Uncle Sam’s village once said “It is better to prepare for an opportunity and don’t have one than to have one and not prepared.”

The arrival of the girl Corona in our village a few days ago has actually exposed our people-it has proven the point that Liberian people can talk plenty and do just little or nothing.

You don’t mean that my son!

Oh yes, Father, I do. If you go over all the publicities we made about how ready our people were to deal with Corona, then the handling of this index case should be enough to tell you that we were not prepared for the opportunity, rather we have waited for the opportunity to come before we prepare.

Father, I know some people reading this will now start calling me by all kinds of names-an ingrate, opposition, doomsayer and many more. But the point remains the same-our people misled our entire village when they said they were prepared-they lied to us.

Father, preparation is not just getting people with thermometers to take people’s temperature when they arrived through our ports of entry or find a place to put them for 14 days to observe them.

We forgot the most important part-treatments-not just the place to carry them when we notice that they are sick, but what to treat them with when we take them there.

So, Father, you see why I say we were only causing noise here for the past three months giving the entire village a fake impression, telling them we are prepared to deal with Corona, but in effect we are not.

Now, what we are hearing now is so sad, because you can’t say you are prepared only to continue to tell people about the sickness and not prepared what to treat it with when it comes-shame!

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