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Lord, If chieftaincy is giving this man hard time, then that President job he able?

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Dear Father:
I say wonders shall never end for true ya. So our man, the Footballer says to be a Chief at the Traditional Council is not an easy job  ehn?  Hmmmmm, so if to be chief for just a small area in our village is a very difficult task for him, then what will he say about the entire village that he has been fighting tooth and nails to  become  the Oga proper?

I hope his people are listening ooh, because if this man is saying that just being a chief is a hard job, definitely we should know that if we put him over our village, we are doom! Because trust me Father, this guy is going to mess up from day one to a day I don’t know  and by that time the whole place will be in total chaos. A hint to the wise is quite sufficient at this time.

And you know Father, I don’t know whether it is in anyway a coincident that  the Footballer would come out  at this time just one day after the Man from our Money House used that big book the other day when he said  people who can steal and people who  are jokers should not be made Oga over our village.

The truth is Father, most of the people lining up now begging to be made Oga falls in either of this group-rouge and comedian.

But you know my son, the Footballer gat a point, it pays to be honest, what he is telling people in your village now is that nobody must blame him if the people push him to be Oga proper over the village, because Chief work he na  feel fit to do for a small place in the village.

Father, you must be right but he should also start considering the fact that if he can’t do small job like chief work and he has started complaining already, then he should not come and play with our village future here. We  are tire making this village a fun box to our neighbors around here.

The destiny of this village is not for people who are struggling to learn how to manage their own life first before I say people who can’t even put their foot down to work for a small part of the village.

But again Father, I must  congratulate the Footballer because he has always told our village people the truth. The man has always been upfront with the truth. But you see, it is the greedy ones who  are using his popularity to gain village power  are the ones fooling him.

If the man says, small chief job is giving him hard time, the same people will come 2017 to be pushing him telling him that he can make a good proper Oga.

Can you imagine the kind of nightmare we will face in this country, when all those cut neck chickens who are behind this man start  to give him their own advices-this place will be more than a war zone and nobody, or any  other country will be willing to take the Paraceutimol for our headache.

The people will say that God beating them so, because the person has come up boldly to say the chief job is giving him hard time, then for people own selfish desire they still want to make him our Oga, is it not a complete nonsense? And then you would want for somebody to come and take pain medication for our own headache we created?  God forbid!

So, if the man from the Money House comes and says, we will not allow Rouge and Jokers to occupy our village seat then people start talking nonsense?

The people who are pushing the man to rule over our village why are they not giving him all the support  now to enable him show some leadership class? They think by sitting on these town criers and cursing everybody insight is what makes them a leader or qualifies them for leadership in this village?

If they want to prove a point the time is now. Since the man is finding it difficult to do chief job for this fiefdom, I think that  should be a caveat for us in this village- that until he can learn, that chief job should be his last stop for now.

If anybody has said something very sensible this whole month, then it is our man from the Money House because most of the  people flying around here are very hungry and their desire is to steal more and enrich themselves, some are complete jokers and comedians.

Finally Father, this is a confession, I intend to live with and bring back as a reminder to our people every day as we go looking for our Oga. This man na fit to be chief-his people are fooling us to make him Oga-that will be the total destruction of our village! A word to the wise is quite sufficient.

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