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Lord, people reap what they sow

Dear Father:

Have you heard the news?

What news my son?

Oh, you haven’t heard how they say the children from that part of the Hill beat old cups behind one of our village chiefs to the point that they almost lynch him?

Tell me something!

Yes oo Father, they say the children almost lynch the chief to near death.

Uh, I wonder which one of them aye?

Father, ehn you know that big mouth one that stays at that one room on the Hill, he is the one.  They say the children almost beat him up. They say it was only by the mercy of the Blue Uniform boys who were present at the time, which is why his skin was safe.

So why did they want to beat him up for, is it because of his lousy big mouth?

No, Father, it is because of the lies and fake promises he made to the poor people in that part of our village just like his colleagues who are all fast becoming some demi gods around here-from grass to grace they say.

Can you imagine Father, during the voting time your man made big mouth promising the people how he was going to build them public toilets, made sure that they get good drinking water and all kinds of stuff, like they usually do.

You, don’t mean that?

Yes oh, Father, you don’t know these people. They can even promise you the moon or the sun if that is what it will take to get them to the Traditional Council.

So, what really brought about the people’s anger?

Ok, let me put it like this. They say after they voted my man, the people decided to invite him to their place to congratulate him and identify with him in celebration; they say your man refused. They say anytime they called him, he usually switched off his phones. You know, your man has gotten what he wanted from them now, so why should he be wasting his time answering his phone to talk to whom? After all, they are no longer visiting the same ghetto together.

So, the people decided to write him off and concentrate on someone else to help them. They say fortunately they were able to get the Old Lady and her people attention to their plight and in no time, the water and public toilets were soon connected and built. It was during the turning over of these facilities that they say my man went to attend.

It was there that the pekin-them in the area, his former battle cry group said; there was no way they were going to allow him to sit there. They asked him peacefully to leave and he refused.

So, what was he depending on when he refused to move?

Father, they say the man was sitting beside the Old Lady and other big people na, so, he taught they were going to protect him.

But, you know Father, the children did not care. They wanted him move or be removed.

Did they succeed in routing him out of the place?

Father, not only did he moved, but was happy to safe his own skin from lynching so he happily ran from the place.

The thing is Father, our man wanted to reap what he did not sow and we all know what our man is good at.-that is exactly what he was receiving from the children who had seen him as a complete failure in their area.


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