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Lord, when will we ever be taken seriously?

Dear Father:

You know, the people in this village never seize to amaze me. So why were they making all those noise about a certain conduct? They knew from the word go it would have been a complete disaster just as most of the contracts here ended up in complete disasters with no head, no tail.

Qaedifi rice, a complete disaster, of course the Oldman has a lot of explaining to do on this one. The Gbezhon renewable, a rip off, and so many other things they signed at that Traditional Council, so what made them to think that a certain conduct was going to hold?

You know, Father, the book people say he that comes with equity must come with clean hands. How will you asked somebody to come clean when you, yourself is dirty? Your very house is not clean. How will they take you to be anywhere near serious as you have said?

Tell me something my son!

Yes Father, the people are jokers. The very people who were demanding equity from their friends, they are not clean. And Father it is so shameful, the manner and form in which they are jumping boats at the last minute to time is so crazy. It’s like putting fire in a hole and seeing all the different types of creatures jumping out of the hole in confused directions.

They should really thank God for some of the clubs that had nobody running on them oo or else many of them were going to be left by the way side, especially the Old lady’s children, many of whom are now considered to be outside children among them.

But you see Father, when I say these people, majority of them are belle driven and self-centered, people don’t believe me. If the people are not loyal and committed to the very clubs that brought them to prominence, how can they be loyal and committed to the very people whose votes they are seeking?

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These people are only after their own, nobody else. If you cannot take care of your own children at home, that the ones of the street, you will take care of?

Anyway, back to the conduct issue. So why did they waste our time and our village resources when we told them from the beginning that this thing you people talking here will not work in our village for this other voting time?

You see, they say town trap is not for rat alone: it can catch chicken, dog, cat and even human beings and all.

The old people say when you don’t have plenty children, you can’t join witch craft.
But I would like to put it another way, if you have plenty children, don’t join witch craft, because you will have more children to sacrifice then somebody’s one. The thing is weeping will never finish from your house, but the person with the single child, that one time crying. So it simply means that you who have the plenty children you gat many funerals and crying to do.

You see Father; this is why after the conduct collapse most of their children had to now run to foster homes as orphans. Simply because the witch craft play of the parents have caught up with them. The very rat they thought the town trap would have caught has escape with ease leaving the chicken, goats, dogs and even human beings captive.

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