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Lord, they say thru crab, crawfish can drink water

Dear Father:

Hahaha, ooh, hahaha! You know, when I tell you that the chiefs at the Traditional Council are complete hustlers you often don’t believe me, now you do-complete hustlers they are.

Most of them know very well that they have lost their moral standing with the people of our village and so they are roaming all over the place looking for places to hank their coats. And believe me Father; they will endorse just anybody or anything as long as they know that is where the fresh wind is blowing.

But my son, ehn they say thru crab, crawfish can drink water?

Ooh, yes, trust me Father, da complete hustle they on so-especially the ones from the lower end of the Traditional Council who will be sitting for their performance exams in October.They think they can shield themselves by riding behind the fresh prince on the block. But they will balance.

Like my friend will say “some of them will see themselves upside down in chief ZanzanCawah mirror. My name oo, put me down! Whether da horizontal or vertically, they will balance. Ehn they say cat that dog? In fact, what concern dog about family planning.

And you know its kina funny though-I mean the way they are all on this endorsement spree behind the Old-man from the Handshake-pretending to be pledging supports here and there.

But beyond those hypocritical smiles andrattling are hidden agendas. The Good Old Book says, they honor me with their lips but their hearts are far away from me.

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But you just relax, that so, so hustle they on so. When da Old-man makes bay, they will chop his money wa-wa like that and for nothing too ooh.

Are you for real?

Trust me Father, I know these guys. Haven’t you heard the names of the various support groups that are emerging from all over the place? They are actually pledging their supports with their lips but their hearts are on what they can get for their belly.

If you think I am lying Father, go and ask the Old Lady’s son, who was being endorse everywhere around here and almost everybody thought he would have won this fiefdom with ease, but we all know how the story ended with the Footballer coming on top.

The reason was simple Father, the hustlers were too many. So instead of reaching out they were only filling their own pockets and leaving out the people who should have actually made the man’s dream a reality.

Anyway, I hope the Old-man learn his lessons from this and that he doesn’t allow some of these so-called chiefs to use his name and resources to benefit themselves while leaving him in the cold.

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